Why women need a technology day

Why women need a technology day

Women need a technology day, according to Claire Moffat, founder of Connected Women, because companies that make and sell technology are not catering for a woman’s needs.

Research from Hello I’m Venus also showed recently that only one in ten women feel car ads talk to them, even though it’s mainly women who buy the family car. Read more about that here.

Hello I’m Venus also found that around 47% of women believe their banks don’t take them seriously.

Check out what Moffat (pictured) has to say about why women need a technology day.

Why Women Need a Technology Day

Women are being left behind in the uptake of new technology because companies who make and sell them do not understand their needs.

The founder of Australia’s only website that talks to women about technology, ConnectedWomen, Claire Moffat, is determined to highlight the issue and bridge the gap with the launch of an annual Women’s Technology Day on June 13.

“It’s an interesting phenomenon that women often feel stupid in front of sales staff who are trying to sell them technology gadgets,” said Ms Moffat.

“They are telling me that they hate having to drag their husbands with them to make a purchase – or worse, ask their teenage son to help them,” she said.

“Women’s Technology Day will focus on this problem to hopefully encourage companies to take women and technology more seriously than they do today.”

“Women want to be treated with respect when they are shopping for technology, and we need to make sure that they are not left out of the conversation.”

Claire will be calling on Australian business to get behind this event which will include workshops, educational seminars, new product demonstrations and insights in how to train sales staff to sell technology to women.

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