Those 'ahhh' moments in life

Those 'ahhh' moments in life

Life is full of “ahhh” moments, as the second phase of Allianz’s campaign demonstrates.

Knocking blue paint all over your white dog, pulling the chord and the whole fishtank smashes into a gazillion pieces and not putting the brakes on right for your jetski all deserve a bit of an “ahhhh”.

Created by MercerBell, the campaign aims to position Allianz as the insurance for Aussies and takes the popular “ahhh” moments mnemonic that has been in the market for two years already.

The campaign will extend itself across a variety of different channels to further the reach such as through radio, digital and outdoor support.

“This next phase of the campaign allows us to move beyond our traditional channels of TV and radio where the audio link with our brand name has worked so well, and bring Ahhh moments to life in other media channels,” Dominic Brandon, group manager marketing and brand for Allianz, said.

David Bell, MercerBell executive creative director, added: “The concept is all about the feeling you get when things go wrong, when you just want someone else to sort it out for you,” he says. “It’s based on real people, in real situations. Life really is full of Ahhh moments and people like to know someone is there for them when they happen.”

Check it out below.

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