TV networks appeal to Government for reduction on regulations

TV networks appeal to Government for reduction on regulations

The primary television networks are the latest Australian companies to appeal for help from the government.

Free TV, the body that represents Seven, Nine and Ten, has put in a submission to Minister Malcom Turnball (pictured), outlining the heavy pressure overseas entrants in the local market are putting on revenues.

The submission cites high profile companies such as Google, Netflix and JB Hifi attributing to these pressures.

“Competition for both ‘eyeballs’ and advertising dollars continues to increase rapidly as new  entrants, such as Google/YouTube, Netflix, Telstra, Fetch, JB HiFi, etc. enter or consider entering the market. As a result, revenues are under pressure, with the advertising market remaining as ‘short’ as ever,” the release states.

According to the submission, the communications sector is going through a “tumultuous” change, and that TV networks are the most heavily regulated media platform in Australia.

The submission calls for a repeal on “outdated and unnecessary regulations and reduce the red tape on businesses”.

The submission also states the networks hold a ‘special’ place in the hearts of many Australians.

“As an industry, we acknowledge and accept that from the perspective of many citizens, commercial FTA broadcasting is ‘special’.”

The networks need to be able to have a “level playing field” if they are to “continue to meet the high expectations of the Australian viewing public”, the submission states.

Read the full submission here.

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