Sydney Nylon plays Al Gore's climate tune

Sydney Nylon plays Al Gore's climate tune

Sydney-based Nylon Studios was recently commissioned to compose the soundtrack for Al Gore’s What I Love climate change broadcast campaign, featuring the voice of Hollywood actress Demi Moore.

Los Angeles production company B-Reel asked Nylon Studios to partner with it to compose a track for the commercial, which works in tandem with the What I Love online campaign centred on educating people on how they can help save what they love on planet earth.

Helping to raise awareness about the threats of carbon pollution on our earth, the interactive campaign is an initiative of The Climate Reality Project, a non-for-profit organisation founded and chaired by former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore.

“The team spent a lot of time working on the tone of the piece,” said Nylon Studios director of music Mark Beckhaus. “There needed to be a mixture of beauty with a feeling of ambiguity that helped to support the narrative – whilst we are surrounded by what we love, there is an uncertainty to its long term sustainability,” he said.

Under the direction of Beckhaus, lead composer Michael Yezerski and executive producer Christina Tortorelli spent a few weeks working on the project, writing tracks and playing with the tone to make sure there was an elegance and simplicity to the music that complimented and enhanced the commercial’s lush visuals.

“Once we had it right [and Al Gore was happy!] we managed to record an orchestra in Prague, so what you are hearing is all live strings. We were very happy with the outcome and feel the live instruments really gave it the cinematic quality we were after.”

The TVC can be viewed here.

More information on What I Love is available here.

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