Startup founder to get tattoo on buttock for 15,000 'squeezes'

Startup founder to get tattoo on buttock for 15,000 'squeezes'

Founders of a new petition website, Squeeze1, have promised to get matching tattoos of the site’s lime logo if they receive 15,000 signups before launch on February 24.

Unlike, which was behind petitions against brands advertising on the Kyle & Jackie O Show and the Alan Jones’ radio program, Squeeze1 is not about agitating for change.

Eighteen year old founder James Billingham told B&T that the site will be a place where brands, companies and entrepreneurs can test their ideas before investing in them.

“Yes ‘anything could happen’ on Squeeze1, but we expect the more serious petitions, aimed at companies and government, to be posted elsewhere,’ Billingham said.

“Squeeze1 is more a place to test if your idea is ‘viral’ or if there is a demand for a certain product, or if enough people want to see you perform.

“It will be a fun and interesting site to browse – to see what people are willing to do, and what the latest trends are.”

Squeeze1 also stands out from the popular funding platform Kickstarter which is more regulated and focused on raising money for creative projects.

On Squeeze1, ideas are called ‘Limes’ and their success depends on the number of ‘squeezes’ it receives.

Once an idea reaches its desired number of squeezes the company or individual can then send out a notification to the people who liked their idea. Billingham believes this, and the ability to add videos and pictures, will be a “very useful marketing tool”.  

The idea of getting the business logo (pictured) as a tattoo started as a joke, but Billingham said he and his business partner are now committed to the limey ink.

“I already have one small tattoo on my ribs, but I have always wanted to get something a bit strange, something with a story behind it, so I guess this is my opportunity,” he said.

Billingham said the tattoo would be small and will either be on his ankle or bottom, “as it says ‘Squeeze 1’, it could mean squeeze1 cheek”.

The platform is a full time project for Billingham with revenue to come from ‘featured Limes’ that will be boosted to the homepage, product placement in some videos and text advertisement.

Billingham, who is a “self declared workaholic” and started his first ‘business’ at 14, focuses on the marketing side of the new site.

The website currently has 304 ‘squeezes’ with 17 days left until launch. For more information and to see the site click here. 

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