Sony reaches new heights

Sony reaches new heights

The new advert for Sony China sets its sights way above the competition, soaring above it in fact.

The advert produced by Cutting Edge features cosmonauts (astronauts to us) floating above the clouds in one of the earth’s atmospheres, clicking away on their new A7R cameras.

Only being able to shoot twice a day in order to get the lighting right, Jeff Gaunt from Cutting Edge enlisted the help of parachuting and skydiving know-how Shane Sparks and his camera assistant Rob Douthat.

“Sony wanted something that communicated how their new camera was a world-first,” Gaunt said.

“So we had to push the boundaries in a number of ways.”

As you can probably imagine, the shoot was a little difficult to manoeuvre, and the team had to practice the formations on the ground beforehand to ensure they understood what to do in the air.

“The concept demanded visual authenticity, and shooting from the dizzying heights of 15,000 feet was necessary to fully encapsulate Sony China’s narrative,” Gaunt added.

The advert explores M&C Saatchi Tokyo's idea of the near-limitless feeling of witnessing the earth from a new perspective.

Nobu Yamamoto, creative and strategic planner of M&C Saatchi Tokyo, said the primary focus in creating this campaign was to demonstrate the difference between Sony Alpha brand’s product philosophy to that of its competitors.

Good thing no one was afraid of heights.

Check out the advert here.

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