Slacktivism, nothing to sniff at

Slacktivism, nothing to sniff at

Pedigree has taken the idea of “slacktivism” to another level.

Rather than trying to combat the issue of “slacktivism” where people believe their digital actions alone will change the world, Pedigree has capitalised on this trend where you can raise money for puppies just by watching them roll around and play on YouTube.

The “Share for Dogs” campaign, created collaboratively by MARS New Zealand, Colenso BBDO and FINCH, uses YouTube’s revenue model where a portion of the profit generated from the pre-roll advertising on each video is shared with the owner of the video.

The profit generated goes directly to the Pedigree Adoption Drive, and Pedigree is coining the new revenue-raising mechanic Sharity.

"At its heart is a very simple but powerful idea,” Neville Doyle, senior digital and social strategist at Colenso BBDO, said.

“We hope that both the quality of the content and the fact that it effects real world good for real dogs will help us spread this video around the world. If it proves as successful as we hope, the idea of Sharity may provide a new template for how charities can look to raise both awareness and funds at the same time.”

Check out the YouTube clip here and raise some funds just by looking at your screen for one minute.

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