Radio ad: If you can't hear it, you're too drunk to drive

Radio ad: If you can't hear it, you're too drunk to drive

A radio ad has been turned into a real-time drink-driving test by science in a campaign created by GPY&R Brisbane in conjunction with Nova, just in time for the Easter period.

The ‘Radio Breathalyser’ puts UK-research which found when a person is over the legal blood alcohol limit that they find it harder to hear lower frequencies into practice.

Throughout the ad a low frequency sound is played as a stark reminder that if you’ve drinking and can’t hear it, you probably shouldn’t be driving.

People are switching off to traditional anti-drink driving messages," Brendan Greaney, GPY&R Brisbane creative director, said.

"Radio Breathalyser is a fresh, tangible way to directly influence behaviour while people are driving. Anything that gets people who’ve had a few drinks to question whether they should be behind the wheel is a good thing. Well done to Nova for taking on the cause with us."

The 30 and 45 second radio ads will run on Nova across Queensland from Wednesday April 16 and will be supported by online and PR activity.

Nova 106.9 program director Jay Walkerden added: "We are constantly in search of ways to be innovative with our medium, and given this is such a key issue and message for our audience over the holiday period, we were eager to support the idea created by GPY&R Brisbane”.

Over the Easter period last year 25 Australians died on our roads and 454 were caught over the alcohol limit in Queensland alone.

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