OMA highlights OOH's charitable side

OMA highlights OOH's charitable side

The outdoor advertising industry is spruiking its charitable side with ‘talking’ billboards that claim to have “more depth” than we realise.

One of the ads reads: “Sure I encourage shopping…But I raise money too.”

While another said: “I’ve got more depth than you may realise. Billboards fund lots of good stuff like charity campaigns.”

Created by creative agency Bom & Raised, the campaign aims to prmote lesser known facts about outdoor advertising.

Charmaine Moldrich, chief executive of the Outdoor Media Assocation (OMA) said: “Outdoor advertising is the only media that gives back to the community in this way, subsidising public amenities, including bus shelters, public toilets, park benches and transit infrastructure, as well as contributing to council fees and superannuation.”

“It’s not a well-known fact in the community and we want to let people know how much we really contribute but we didn’t want to be too earnest about it.”

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