Nudie and Clear

Nudie and Clear

Beverage company Nudie has teamed up with strategic consultancy company Clear to demonstrate how it is the “Creators of good”.

Wanting to differentiate its brand within the current juice market “Creators of good” defines Nudie’s purpose and the story so far, James Ajaka, chief Nudie said.

“A strong purpose will engage both the consumer and the people within Nudie” Alan King, Clear managing director, said. 

“The juice category has become full of very similar rational propositions, so there is a real opportunity to differentiate with this higher, more emotive proposition.”

Starting off in 2003, Nudie’s main aim was to make a juice purely out of fruit.

With a blender and 256 pieces of fruit Nudie was born.

From the birth of their juices, Nudie is very proud of its complete absence of additives within its beverages.

“Since we've been making nudies, we've never used a single additive or preservative. Not one. And we never will,” Nudie explains on its website.

And why ‘Nudie’ you may ask? Here’s a bunch of reasons why this name is the way it is.

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