Legends and Leaders launch

Legends and Leaders launch

The Legends and Leaders program launched last night, seeing some of the 90+ mentors mingle and meet with others in the industry.

“The program is with the intention of feeding the industry with insights, with experience, educating people to build better things together, to create better things together,” Adrianne Nixon, founder of Legends and Leaders also spoke at the launch.

The program sees a multitude of areas within the industry such as relationships, media owners, TV and content production and agency and account management.

Each section has a certain number of mentors specifically versed in a particular area who can provide sessions for you and your team based on your specific needs.

“It’s not a training session,” the releases states. “It is a way to help marketing teams understand how to deal with their agencies.”

“Each session puts your team in front of an expert who will offer them insights to help ensure you get better value out of your agencies on an ongoing basis.”

CEO and co-founder of OzHarvest, Ronni Khan, also took to the microphone last night at the attic of The Arthouse Hotel in Sydney to welcome the beginning of the program.

Taking the crowd through the journey of OzHarvest, Khan welcomed the crowded room of both mentors and industry professionals.

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