How much do you know about Jack?

How much do you know about Jack?

Jack Daniel’s may be one of the top Whiskey choices for Aussies, but how many of you actually know much about the iconic brand?

To celebrate the delicious amber liquid, advertising company Arnold Furnace have developed an interactive online hub so we can see what happens across the ocean in their Lynchburg distillery in Tennessee.

The hub allows the whiskey lovers a chance to virtually wander around America’s oldest registered distillery to learn a little more about what makes Jack Jack.

Arnold Furnace created the hub to bring to light Jack’s values, based on doing things the right way rather than the easy way.

The hub reflects these values and allows the audience to experience a little of the Lunchburg magic this time of year.

“Jack Daniel’s is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands,” Tom Spicer, executive creative director of Arnold Furnace said.

“From a creative perspective it’s one you love to work on because it shares the same passion for craft as all good creative departments and it’s fair to say this has been a labor of love for the agency and all our partners.”

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