Drop the 'one-size fits all' approach to m-commerce, Responsys warns

Drop the 'one-size fits all' approach to m-commerce, Responsys warns

With nearly 40% of emails now opened via mobile phone, marketing company Responsys has released a guide to help brands make their marketing emails work on mobile.

Simon O’Day, Asia Pacific vice president at Responsys, said marketers must drop their “one-size fits all” approach to their m-commerce strategy.

“There’s an ever increasing range of smartphones and tablets on the market and mobile emails need to be developed to adjust to different screen resolutions and operating systems. By putting in place a few simple measures to make mobile messages easy to engage with, marketers can ensure their emails are not only opened, but read, absorbed and actioned by consumers too.”

The first thing marketers need to do, according to O’Day, is ensure their emails include larger buttons or design whole sections to be clickable to make links easier to access on touchscreens.

Brands need to know which devices their customers own and ensure their communications display well across all handsets.

In addition to this, Responsys councils against including images in emails and instead suggests creating a ‘view images’ link to avoid long load times.

Making the email easy to scroll through and ensuring the message is clear and simple are also important tips, according to Responsys.

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