Celebrate your favourite flavour

Celebrate your favourite flavour

Cadbury has commenced a flavour-focused campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi, investing $7 million across a variety of platforms and releasing a number of limited edition flavours.

Creating a conversation about flavour is the largest social activation Cadbury has developed and aims to remind people that everyone has a certain flavour they are particularly partial to.

Building off the success of Cadbury’s previous ‘Welcome to Joyville’ campaign the nation-wide conversation about flavour will be seen across TV, outdoor, PR, digital and social and in-store activations.

A domino line of Cadbury blocks of chocolate in the new TVC heads off the four month long campaign, taking over a quiet suburban street with hundreds upon hundreds Cadbury blocks all lined up neatly.

A single push sets the creation in motion, shooting across to the residents who each have their own flavour they favour.

In celebration of flavour limited edition chocolate slabs will soon be found on the shelves such as Cadbury Cherry Ripe, Cadbury Dairy Milk Picnic, Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle, Cadbury Dairy Milk Strawberries & Creme and Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee Brittle.

Cadbury has also refreshed its looking with the packaging now sporting ‘joycons’, colourful and playful new icons.

These ‘joycons’ are designed to celebrate each flavour individually and to visually tempt the consumer while the blocks are upon the shelves.

According to Cadbury, 87% of people prefer the new design.

“It’s a joyful celebration of Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours, a call to arms to support your favourite and an invitation to try something new,” Steve Chantry, head of marketing, said.

“We need those timid Fruit & Nut devotees to wave their flags, the vivacious Peppermint gadabouts to go crazy and those discerning Hazelnut gourmands to show their friends which flavour should reign supreme.” 

To help bring the campaign to life, a flavour favourite experience will appear on Cadbury’s Facebook page in late May, allowing chocolate lovers to broadcast their favourite flavours.

“Our campaign will invite everyone on a journey to see, share and participate in the wonderful world of Cadbury Dairy Milk, introducing the true breadth and depth of all flavours in the range,” Chantry added.

“We will be concocting a series of chocolate experiences in the coming months, including creating flavour matching social campaigns, personalised content and flavour competitions, which will be complemented with our new joyful packaging also hitting shelves at launch.

“Watch this space as we’ll be creating a purple revolution in the coming weeks that will truly free the joy among all Australians!”

With the remnants of the shiny red wrapper on my bedroom floor, it’s easy to see Cadbury’s Cherry Ripe is the flavour that I favour.

Agency credits: Creative: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney Media: Carat Social Media: Isobar PR: Red Agency

Check out some of the new packagings below.

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