Brisbane to ban flashing and moving digital signs

Brisbane to ban flashing and moving digital signs

A ban on moving and flashing images on digital billboards being pushed through by Brisbane City Council will not affect established players in the market, according to Goa and the Outdoor Media Association.

Concerns over road safety have led councilors to put forward the ban on any video or flashing images on outdoor signage, as well as a raft of other legislation they claim will create clearer guidelines for businesses.

Councillor Amanda Cooper told the Brisbane Times: “This poses potential issues on our roads as traditional billboards are replaced by high-tech digital signs that are basically de facto television sets. These changes put the safety of motorists and pedestrians first."

The move comes as the Queensland state government looks at laws around outdoor advertising in the state following calls from the Australian Christian Lobby.

Chris Tyquin, managing director of Brisbane’s largest digital billboard player, Goa said they were “largely happy” with the legislation being passed, adding they do not allow advertisers to use these methods on their 14 signs around the CBD area.

He told B&T: “The problem really stems from a number of small businesses which hire these mobile digital boards for a week, and put them in their forecourt or on the road outside their businesses and play videos and flashing images.

“This is actually illegal anyway, but the new laws will help to strengthen that arrangement.”

Like most third party digital billboard operators Goa changes the image on its screens every ten seconds, but only displays static ads.

He said they had worked with the council to develop new arrangements along with the Outdoor Media Association (OMA).

Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of the OMA, said their members already have rules like this in place to stop animation and video on their signs, with the council’s new arrangements set to close up loopholes in their local bylaws.

She added: “Other places already have rules around these types of thing, so Brisbane won’t be the first. I think the council wants to formalise the arrangement, but it won’t affect our members.”

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