Survey: 60% Of Millennials Find Mobile Ads Annoying. Pop-ups & Video The Worst

Survey: 60% Of Millennials Find Mobile Ads Annoying. Pop-ups & Video The Worst

A new survey out of India could translate to bad news for Aussie marketers with the majority of respondents saying they thought most mobile advertising sucked. The rates of disquiet particularly high among the Millennials.

A survey by the mobile phone app Nanu found that 60 per cent of Indians surveyed found mobile advertising annoying and obtrusive with 55 per cent saying they particularly detested pop-ups and video.

The survey involved 3,735 respondents namely aged under 40. Which, admittedly, isn’t a great cross-section in a country with 1.252 billion people and a reported 1,017,968,757 mobile phones.

Banner ads came out best in the survey with 52 per cent of respondents rating them as least annoying. The survey found found that 46 per cent of respondents said they would click on a banner ad but only one in four said they’d click on a pop-up or video ad.

And worse was to come – 75 per cent of respondents said that mobile advertising never influenced their decision to purchase.

Commenting on the findings, Nanu founder and CEO Martin Nygate said: “The findings of the survey clearly highlights the ineffectiveness of the existing modes of advertising that brands are adopting, due to its intrusive nature.

“Increasingly, this invasive side of mobile advertising is adding up to its own plight by pushing mobile phone users to resort to using ad blocking software.

“We believe that mobile advertising needs to be completely non-intrusive and infused with the right set of analytics to ensure enough value proposition for both usersand brands,” Nygate said.

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