5 Brands That Didn’t Go On Holiday

5 Brands That Didn’t Go On Holiday

In just a few short weeks we’ll be heading outside to bask in the penetrating heat. With smartphones hiding in bags to avoid the sand and laptops too glarey to take out in the sun, Aussies are in for some decadent rest and relaxation.

However there’s no reason brands should also take a break from catching the eyes of passersby during the summer months. As Henry Ford said: “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Last year marketing director for Streets Ice Cream, Anthony Toovey, told Australian Traveller the summertime meant a 150% spike in sales for his brand and, not surprisingly, the CEO of swimwear brand Seafolly, Anthony Halas, says he sees a sales jump of 20%.

Retail spending increases monthly according to Nielsen and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, however data from the Standard Media Index (SMI) shows total ad spend decline during the warmer months.

OMA Graph correct

Sources: Retail Spend is ABS Retail Trade information, using the average of 2010-2013 seasonally adjusted figures. Retail Trade includes; food retail, household goods, clothing, footwear, personal accessories, department stores, books, pharmaceutical, cafes, restaurants and take away. Total Media Spend uses SMI data and shows the share that month is of the total year spend e.g. September is 9.0% of the total year.

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) argues this is the best time to get your brand outdoors, as this is where everyone actually is.

“This is a great opportunity for advertisers, in that summer is an uncluttered time of year for media in general, and the perfect time to use outdoor,” says Charmaine Moldrich, chief executive of the OMA.

“We conducted an Omnibus survey to find out more about how behaviours change over summer and the results were not surprising. People spend more time shopping, eating out and visiting friends. They spend less time watching TV and less time online.”

Out of the 1500 respondents from the Omnibus survey, 54% said they notice outdoor advertising more over summer. People 18-24 have the highest awareness with 63% saying they notice outdoor more over summer, and people with kids are next at 61%.

It’s not all beaches and cricket though, people are still going to work; but the study suggests peoples’ behaviour changes during these sunny months and this is why brands need to get out there and not take a break during the holidays.

Five companies overseas have capitalised on the outdoor audience and have made sure their brand isn’t off sunbathing in the Bahamas.

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a brand that rarely goes on holidays, and this summer it launched a simple campaign in Paris. The French Maccas worked with agency TBWA to enlarge and simplify the burgers, fries and ice cream into icons.  The icons appeared on more than 2700 outdoor displays across the country.

Image via the OMA

Image via the OMA

2. Art Everywhere

Outdoor media providers in the US brought art to the people this summer with the ‘Art Everywhere’ campaign, a public celebration of great aesthetically pleasing pieces, bringing them to life on outdoor advertising panels such as billboards.


Images via AdWeek


3. Sky Sports

Realising less people watch TV during the summer, Sky sports worked with UK media provider Rapport for its ‘Summer of Sky’ campaign in June this year. According to the Rapport blog, it’s the fourth time Sky has pushed its campaign during the hotter months.

Image via Rapport blog

Image via Rapport blog

4. Magnum Ice Cream

The ice cream indulgence is a favourite in the hotter months and numerous brands and outdoor providers have jumped on this. JCDecaux in Amsterdam celebrated ’25 years of pleasure’ for ice cream brand Magnum. The summer campaign gave the sweet treat lovers a chance to get creative and personalise their own Magnum.

Image via JCDecaux

Image via JCDecaux

5. AXA Insurance

When Mexico surpassed the USA in obesity, Outdoor provider JCDecaux, insurance company AXA and charity Un Kilo de Ayuda took the workouts outside.

Axa – Bad Kilo, Good Kilo (The Calorie Billboard) from julien sens on Vimeo.

The weather is definitely getting hotter, hell, you may even be able to wear shorts soon, so brands need to start playing in the sun.

“It’s common sense, really. Of course people are spending more time out and about with the longer, warmer days. They are also spending more time traveling and shopping as they have more leisure time. All of which are prime places for outdoor advertising,” says Moldrich.

“We have seen advertising spend decrease at this time for over 10 years, it’s as if advertisers are sending their brands on holidays when it is actually the best time to be out there on out-of-home, broadcasting to a relaxed and cashed up population.”

Find out more at www.summerwillnotbetelevised.com.au

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