33Bondi And Blooms The Chemist Roll Out Employee Engagement Platform

33Bondi And Blooms The Chemist Roll Out Employee Engagement Platform

Tech consultancy firm 33Bondi has again partnered with Blooms The Chemist, this time working on a new employee engagement platform.

The relationship between Blooms The Chemist and 33Bondi began as a working agreement 12 months ago and has grown into a deeply aligned partnership, working on major projects that align brand, customer and employee engagement. 

33Bondi co-founder and technology lead Jim Watts says the partnership has shared values around business and culture.

“We love seeing the partnership deepen with Blooms The Chemist, they’re a major client and our commitment to delivering improved business outcomes for the store partners is real. Launching the Engage employee platform is a demonstration of this,” he said.

“Engage has rich, useful, customer-centric features for pharmacy owners and retail managers. For example, retail managers can easily onboard staff using only their mobile numbers and personal emails. This lifts the burden off IT teams and saves time.

“Engage also seamlessly integrates with third parties in a branded way. This helps retail staff undertake training on their own device at their own convenience. Engage has required elegant technology solutions and has created efficiencies for all stakeholders. However, the best result is that customers rate it as practical, easy-to-use and helpful in their day-to-day,” says Watts.

Blooms The Chemist CIO Martin Olds says he sees 33Bondi as a true partner to the business.

“Blooms The Chemist values its store partners, its people and its communities, they are at the core of the business and help us deliver better health outcomes for Australians,” he said.

“There are multiple entry points for staff and customers to engage with a brand and technology plays a significant role in this. The most important part of technology is how it resonates with our customers and teams, it’s about making it accessible, something that 33Bondi truly understand,” says Olds. 

“33Bondi bring together in equal weights experience and skills across relatively disparate disciplines in technology, design and customer empathy. Their ability to work across these areas that are commonly siloed brings more effective and complete thinking and solutions faster,” he said.

33Bondi also develops and maintains MyHealthRewards, the Blooms The Chemist customer loyalty and rewards program operating across a network of over 90 stores.

They contribute to strategy, modernising the back-end for more powerful data insights, the front-end user experience, marketing delivery and operational performance.

A deeply customer-centric company, 33Bondi and Google Cloud Partner specialise in B2C business transformations that need to capture culture and value, they architect scalable technology systems and are specialists in software development, graphic and UX design, brand and marketing strategy.

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