30 Under 30 Winners Tell All On What They Love And Hate In The Industry

30 Under 30 Winners Tell All On What They Love And Hate In The Industry

Finally seeing that idea you’ve been slaving over go off with a bang is well worth the long hours, reckons industry movers and shakers. And While there’s certainly gripes in the industry, the fast pace, constant evolution and the fact no one is content with mediocrity keeps Millennials smiling.

With entries for B&T 30 Under 30 Awards open again, we went to the starlets who nabbed a 30 Under 30 win in 2015 to get their take on what they love and hate about the industry.

“We all work hard and the odds of burnout are high,” said Heather Marano, director of her own freelance consulting business. “But on the other hand this just shows how much we love it and are obsessed with it, and how we aren’t satisfied with mediocrity.”

Melody Hyndman, PR manager for the Movember Foundation said: “That all your planning and effort could result in nothing and that you have no control over the outcome. I love the fast-paced nature of it and that when something comes off – it really comes off and it’s worth all the pain!”

Vuki Vujasinovic, founder and CEO at PR agency Sling & Stone, added: “I love how fast paced our industry is, and that each day is different from the last.”

And the people in the industry help make it all worthwhile, said Nick Thomas, manager at media agency Mediacom. “The high turnover of amazing people that we work with daily. The people around us is what makes our industry so special and what I personally love so much about industry.”

However, Scott Nolan, digital art director at LEGO – a gig he scored after 30 Under 30 last year – said the ad industry is largely unchanging. “Moving to LEGO, I find myself getting and seeing real value in what we’re building,” he said. Still, he thrives on the communications aspect. “I love working in communication and storytelling because it’s great to doing something creative for a job and getting paid pretty well for it.”

Technolgoy is one aspect in the industry that is forever evolving, with everyone needing to stay on top of it. However, Jessica Hunter, commercial manager at Daily Mail Australia said it’s important to realise that in the world of always on, having quick communication and quick decisions isn’t always best.

“Thanks to technology we’re constantly connected, making our business lives easier, but to a seriously addictive degree if you are a digital media professional,” she said.

“The notion of nine to five no longer exists as the industry is always-on and in businesses that have multiple markets at their core, this is even more salient. Being open for business 24/7 can be detrimental to work/life balance and impact efficiencies.

“There’s an assumption that quick communication improves work flow and decision-making, but that is not necessarily the case.

“For me, it’s important to consciously unplug every night and consider taking a mini tech vacations on weekends.”

Still, the exponential growth of tech means creativity can also flourish. “The upside of course is the creativity that technology enables,” continued Hunter. “The test and learn culture of our industry allows for consistent growth and innovation, keeping us at the forefront of improving experiences for both consumers and brands alike, as they constantly evolve.”

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