Only 28% Of Women Aspire To Make It To The Top Of The Corporate Ladder – Why?

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Did you know just over one in four women aspire to make it to the top of the corporate ladder? Meanwhile, nearly one in two men have the same aspiration, according to new research fresh from B&T in partnership with Honeycomb Strategy.

Research also found while one in five females feel like having a family is limiting career progression, only one in 10 men share this sentiment.

Results further showed 14 per cent of women have felt discriminated against for taking maternity leave, while just one per cent of males felt discriminated against for taking paternity leave.

In terms of confidence in future career prospects, those in specialist agencies are the most confident. Our research found confidence is not driven by gender or role.

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When it comes to barriers to career progression, both males and females share similar roadblocks. However, the biggest difference is having a family and kids, with 22 per cent of women believing it will affect their career progression, while only nine per cent of men think it is a barrier. Confidence is also a problem, with 29 per cent of women suggesting confidence is a barrier to career progression, while only 21 per cent of men feel the same.Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.19.08 pm

Close to three in five women feel ready for a promotion after one to two years in a role. By four years, four in five are ready for a promotion.

These fresh insights prove that now more than ever is the time the industry as a whole needs to make a change. However, implementing a diversity and inclusion policy isn’t easy, especially when you don’t know where or how to start.

That’s why B&T founded a one-day conference called Changing the Ratio (CTR). CTR connects like-minded individuals who are hungry for change, while also challenging ingrained preconceptions surrounding issues relating to diversity and inclusion. At its core, it’s an event that sparks tangible action in the industry.

We still have tickets left to CTR, but they’re selling out quickly, so grab yours now. It’s all happening Thursday 30 May at the NSW Teachers Federation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the state of diversity and inclusion in our industry, such as: what do the senior leadership teams look like in creative agencies, media agencies, media owners, tech companies; who’s doing well in terms of diversity and who has a way to go; does discrimination exist in the industry; and what could be holding minority groups back, you can download our free report here.

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