20 Questions With oOh!Media’s Samantha Hollier-James

20 Questions With oOh!Media’s Samantha Hollier-James

In today’s edition of B&T’s 20 Questions With… we’re talking with the ever so popular Samantha Hollier-james from oOh!Media.

Product and marketing director at oOh!, Samantha was this year’s B&T Women in Media Awards People’s Choice winner. Today we ask her the hard questions, like her biggest stress reliever, her most embarrassing media addiction and her favourite industry hero.

20 QUESTIONS WITH Samantha hollier-james

1. Best thing about winning a B&T Women In Media Award?

Being able to share the opportunity get involved Tour de Cure to a room overflowing with high achievers and some already doing just that! Incredible.

2. Where’s your trophy?

It’s in my kitchen where my family showcase their awards when they first get them.

3. How many trophies do you now have in your trophy cabinet?

Quite a few trophies as I was a sporty one (back in the day) but my B&T People’s Choice and my Australian of the Year Finalist certificate will stay front and centre for some time.

4. One thing you’d do to change your industry for the better?

Unite with purpose our industry, transcending competitive barriers to improve and save lives – what a force for change we could be!

5. What makes you mad?

When my kids take too long to eat their dinner – total first world problem.

6. What makes you happy?

Spending time with my family and friends in the backyard at a DIY Pizza night + with a glass of cheap sav blanc.

7. How would colleagues describe you?

Detailed / OCD, passionate/relentless and fun/crazy – choose your own adventure on the combination.

8. How would you describe your colleagues?

All connected with the ‘orange’ thread of oOh! – hard-working, awesome to have fun with and all creative in their own way.

9. Favourite industry hero?

My Dad. Talk about putting yourself out of your comfort zone! He stepped out of retirement from 30+ years in IBM in senior leadership roles into the experiential then charity space with me.

10. Your one career regret?

Haven’t got one… yet.

11. Your biggest career tip?

Luck is where hard work meets opportunity. When you find yourself there TAKE IT!

12. Best stress reliever?

A glass of sav blanc on our front daybed with my husband – as I always laugh.

13. Dream holiday destination?

Great northern lights via Japan for cherry blossoms (my daughter agrees).

14. The one book you’d recommend?

How to baby proof your marriage – was passed to us after having two babies a year apart and talk about a laugh!

15. If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing?

Full time volunteer both with Tour de Cue and locally for our community and at our girls’ school. What purpose and top up – every day!

16. Where will you be in 10 years’ time?

On our front daybed with my husband having a sav blanc and giggle – simple things.

17. The one technology you just don’t understand?

Phones that master the art of everything else but actually making good phone calls.

18. Your most embarrassing media addiction?

Ensuring I have no counters on top of any of my apps/emails. Hate seeing any red numbers (that OCD at play again).

19. Go-to karaoke song?

I have the secret power of persuasion – so would always get someone else to take my spot.

20. Do you replace the milk in the staff fridge?




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