Adobe Mocks “Hovering” Art Directors In Hilarious New Video

Adobe Mocks “Hovering” Art Directors In Hilarious New Video

Ever had a micro-manager who stands over your shoulder and watches your every move? An art director who hovers incessantly providing ridiculous feedback? Well, Adobe has created a funny new video to promote its solution to this common issue among designers.

B&T Magazine
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Worked with agency mcgarrybowen Amsterdam, Adobe showcases how you can help manage the ludicrous requests from your hovering art director by using Adobe Stock.

In the video, a designer and his hovering art director create an extravagant last-minute artwork for their fictional client, Wolfbear ginger bear, using images entirely from Adobe Stock.

The final artwork features over 100 individual Adobe Stock images, including a baby bear, a wolf, an astronaut, a tornado, and a particularly epic volcanic explosion.