MKR Bad Guys Bomb Out With Fried Fritters and Creamy Carbs, Help Seven Snag Top Ratings

MKR Bad Guys Bomb Out With Fried Fritters and Creamy Carbs, Help Seven Snag Top Ratings

They’re far from being the sweethearts of the show, and now My Kitchen Rules’ bad guys Jessica and Marcos have proven no villain is untouchable, producing a dinner of epic-fail proportions much to the delight of their competitors.

They’ve spent the bulk of the series judging their opponents harshly, imposing their health-conscious views on fellow diners and the judges, and once, even implying Manu was a tad on the tubby side.

And, in last night’s amazing episode, they proved just how full of crock they are, scoring an abominable 38 out of 50, a score that sent them packing.

Serving up the highest ratings of the series so far, Seven’s program snagged an overnight viewing of 1.9 million viewers in the five city metro region, according to OzTAM figures.

Judges Pete and Manu — along with the other contestants and viewers — were dying to see the ‘healthy’ dishes Jessica would plate up, sans carbs, oil and sugar, given her very loudly voiced opinions on nutrition throughout the show.

But the duo’s entrees were dished out to much surprise – herb and zucchini fritters (fried in oil!!) with fennel flat bread and yoghurt sauce.

The judges said they were “lacking flavour” and scored the dish a four.

Next was the main of stained glass lasagne with mushroom ragu, with *gasps* – carbohydrates!


The offending carbs

The judges thought it was mildly less crap than the entrees, throwing some praise to the “beautiful” pasta, however Manu also threw some shade, saying the pair should spend some time developing their palates to taste salt. What’s French for ‘ouch’?

Both judges gave them a seven.

Funnily enough, viewers managed to spy Jessica pouring sauce out of a jar into the lasagne ragout, much to their horror.

The dish caused a stir with eagle-eyed viewers though, who spotted the amateur cooks using products from a jar.

“Did Jessica just use a ragu pre made sauce in a COOKING SHOW???? #MKR #cheats #mykitchenrules,” one Twitter user commented.

The ridiculous dessert that was spiced carrot and pineapple cake with carrot and ginger jelly (huh?) was adequately described by the judges who said the pair “tried too hard”.

Manu scored the dish a two, Pete scored it a three and said it was his “least favourite dish of the night”.

With the disastrously low combined score of 11 out of 50 from the other teams, Jessica and Marcos landed on a grand total score of 38.

But despite the hilarity of ‘the bitch’ in reality shows like The Bachelor and MKR, radio host Amanda Keller on ARN’s WSFM 101.7 Jonesy & Amanda pointed out that it’s always the girls who are made the villain.

While Jonesy called Jessica a “full blown idiot”, Amanda disagreed, and said it was always the women chosen to be the bad guy.

“The thing that annoys me about this production, and I’m going to say it… Each week there’s been, and excuse my language, there’s been a bitch. They’ve chosen one of the women to be this horrible person.

“And then the promo for this coming week, once again they’ve selected the women to be the nasties.”

“They’ve decided that women are going to be the bitches… I was watching it last night and I was yelling at my television.”

At least we don’t need to hear any more rants about how unhealthy sugar is while we snack on our choc-fudge brownies.

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