Hilarious! BBC Interviewee Interrupted By Rogue Kids

Hilarious! BBC Interviewee Interrupted By Rogue Kids

What’s that about never working with animals and children? Well, a very serious interview about North-South Korean relations has gone global after the interviewee’s kids accidentally walked in on the show.

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Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed by the venerable BBC live via Skype. However, the very serious interview quickly turned into a global YouTube hit as not one but two of the Professor’s kids utterly destroy things in a hilarious fashion.

It’s made all the more funnier as Kelly’s wife attempts to discreetly remove the troublesome miscreants only to be anything but discreet.

Check out the action below:

To his credit Professor Kelly soldiers on throughout and smiles and apologises. But by that time the damage is done and it appears even he’s forgotten what he was talking about.