Aussie Rose Byrne Stars In US Playboy’s Latest No Nudes Shoot

Aussie Rose Byrne Stars In US Playboy’s Latest No Nudes Shoot

In a completely different direction for Playboy, a Hollywood celeb has posed for the mag and not ditched the clothing. That’s right, just a mere three months after giving birth to her son, Rose Byrne has kept her kit on for the men’s mag’s latest spread.

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Playboy wrote that over breakfast in New York, “The Australian actress goes deep on recent projects X-Men: Apocalypse and Neighbors 2 while stealing our bacon”.

Byrne donned a red silk robe and a black embellished dress in her photo shoot, in her first appearance in Playboy, which recently ditched the nudes for a more ‘modern’ approach.

Playboy in the US unveiled its first edition since it decided on a new no-nude/bigger read policy in February, taking a more millennial approach.

“I went to Los Angeles when I was 18 or 19 and spent time out there. I went back and forth for about three years before I got a job in America. I definitely wasn’t an overnight success,” Byrne told Playboy.

“In my own naive way I felt prepared for L.A., but nothing can ever really prepare you for L.A. It’s such a strange place.

“It was lucky that I was getting work from the start. I started taking acting classes when I was eight, so it was always part of my personality as a child, being a part of drama and acting. It wasn’t out of the blue that I started working once I was of age.”

Check out some of her shots here:



The mag also published a behind-the-scenes type interview with the Aussie star, which you can watch here: