10 ADMA Engage Quotes (or NOT)

10 ADMA Engage Quotes (or NOT)

Who do you think said these things at this week’s ADMA Engage conference? B&T will give the best logic on who said what (whether they did not) a bottle of Grange.

“Trust isn’t 200 years of being around and service, or what comes from spending $1m on sponsoring a cricket team…it’s when you know you can share your lawnmower with someone.”

“Content plus data plus authenticity equals storytelling and good storytelling leads to people listening and being motivated.”

“There’s nowhere to hide now…if your product isn’t good enough you are going to get found out.”

“Yes, a lot of us could have lost their jobs, my boss included.”

“Creativity is not about colouring in, it’s about solving problems…it’s what really shifts businesses.”

“Reputation is the new currency of the digital economy.”

“The interface of creativity and technology is the sweet spot…so go out and make friends with a geek.”

“As a customer that’s rubbish….it’s a very poor way to support a $100b industry.”

“We want other people to tell stories and to create platforms for people to do that…”

“Coke designed their bottles so that if they smash, you still recognise the branding.”

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