WorkSafe Victoria Embraces Clickbait In Dark New Ad Campaign

WorkSafe Victoria Embraces Clickbait In Dark New Ad Campaign

WorkSafe Victoria has partnered with creative marketing and branding agency Naked to launch a new campaign that highlights workplace rights among young people.

The campaign uses dark curiosity and clickbait headlines to capture the attention of their target audience, with four videos each focusing on a different workplace environment – retail, hospitality, construction and manufacturing.

Worksafe-Retail from Naked Communications on Vimeo.

Worksafe-Hospitality from Naked Communications on Vimeo.

Worksafe-Construction from Naked Communications on Vimeo.

Worksafe-Manufacturing from Naked Communications on Vimeo.

Naked’s executive creative director, Jon Burden, said human beings can be “a dark bunch”, which is why car crash stories and shark attacks are often the most read articles in news feeds.

“The fact that so many accidents are now caught on CCTV just feeds this curiosity with other people’s misfortune,” he said.

“This campaign is one of those cases where our target audiences’ fascination with the problem presented the perfect solution.

“Not only do we hook them in with potentially dangerous footage, we also deliver the key message of speaking up.”

WorkSafe’s communications program manager, Meg Tempest, said the health and safety of young workers is important to everyone, and a strategic priority area for WorkSafe Victoria.

“This campaign is designed to empower young workers and make them aware that a workplace injury could affect them for the rest of their lives,” she said.


Client (WorkSafe Victoria)

Senior communications adviser: Sarah Tulloch,

Communications program manager: Meg Tempest

Agency (Naked)

Executive creative director: Jon Burden

Art directors: Jenny Tang, Kevin Pease

Copywriter: Chris Nguyen, Ernie Ciaschetti

Chief strategy officer: Brett Rolfe

Strategy director: Craig Adams

Head of account management: Alita McMenamin,

Senior account manager: Brigitte Dagg

Senior integrated producer: Phil Ball

Production (Clockwork Films)

Director: Jeremy Goodall

Executive producer: Heath George

Producer: Jamie Cohen

Production manager: Tina Schiano

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