Viking warrior protectors?

Viking warrior protectors?

A Viking warrior to protect you may seem like a bit of overkill.

Which is why launched its new “uncomplexicate” campaign to show that having health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.

The campaign, created by production house, The Sweet Shop, pokes fun at the complexity of the health insurance system and highlights the need for simpler solutions and better to understand policies.

“With ‘uncomplexicate our intent is to highlight just how hard it can be to make sense of all the health insurance policies available,” Andy Sheats, CEO at, said.

“It shouldn’t require navigating lots of asterisks, fine print and paperwork. That's why exists because, like most people out there, we too struggled to make sense of it all and set out to find a better, simpler way for all.”

The campaign will run in cinemas and online nationally until July 31, 2014, supported with a national radio campaign.

Check out the TVC below.

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