Forget experiential, try exFEARiential

Forget experiential, try exFEARiential

Toronto ad agency John St. has taken the industry’s love affair with experiential marketing to the extreme in a hoax video, exFEARiential.

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“Most ads are dramatic. We want them to be traumatic,” says the agency’s creative director Chris Hirsch, who says all good advertising should make you nervous.

The video includes a mock client case study where the ad shop simulated a nigh time home invasion for a beer brand.

It includes nuggets of wisdom from the agency’s ‘exfearience planner’ Megan Towers who says: “Fear releases adrenalin which is directly linked to memory. So we are literally searing our brand into their minds.”

“Fear works it’s that simple. It’s the easiest way to get attention,” she continues as an example of a deodorant ad showing a woman’s baby being kidnapped plays.

 The prank video is also housed on John St’s website where it says the agency has created a new exFEARiential marketing division.

“Muggings, carjacking, riots – there’s nothing we won’t do to get your brand noticed,” the promo reads.

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