YOLO Creates Social Experiment For New Matthew Evans Series, ‘For the Love of Meat’

YOLO Creates Social Experiment For New Matthew Evans Series, ‘For the Love of Meat’

Creative independent agency YOLO has today announced its two creative partners will be appearing in the latest Matthew Evans series, ‘For the Love of Meat’, airing tonight on SBS.

YOLO was first brought on by SBS and series producer Essential Media to develop the series’ promotional campaign, but the agency’s idea to create and film a social experiment, involving Matthew Evans urging a fast food chain to consider changing its chicken products to higher-welfare chicken, saw YOLO founders Paul Fenton and Justine Metcalfe become part of the series.

“We’re really proud of the results of what started as an experiment to encourage a renowned fast-food chain to switch to sourcing higher-welfare chicken. We loved working with Stephen Oliver, the writer/director/series producer on the show, and of course, Matthew Evans.

“It’s been an exciting project to be part of – it’s certainly been quite interesting being on the other side of the camera for a change too,” said YOLO creative partner, Paul Fenton.

On the experiment, YOLO’s Justine Metcalfe said, “It’s a really important conversation that needs to be had. It’s certainly changed the way we buy and eat meat in our household.”

The YOLO team also created the series title, ‘For the Love of Meat’ and worked with design agency Supervixen to create the title design and series graphics.

On YOLO’s involvement in the series, Stephen Oliver said, “This was a tough series to make because the meat industry does not want people to know or see how their meat is produced. But we feel it’s important consumers are informed so we can make better choices for us, our animals and the planet. It was great to work with the YOLO team on this important initiative.”

‘For the Love of Meat’ airs tonight at 7.30pm on SBS.

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