Whybin\TBWA Sydney Partner With NERVO DJs To Showcase Women In Engineering

Whybin\TBWA Sydney Partner With NERVO DJs To Showcase Women In Engineering

Whybin\TBWA Sydney and Global DJ duo sensation NERVO have today launched a new track and music video as part of Made By Me, a collaborative project between eight leading Australian universities and Engineers Australia, which aims to help address the gender disparity and skills shortage in the field.

The music video for People Grinnin’ ft The Child of Lov, features female engineers creating android versions of NERVO.

The music video is interactive, encouraging the viewer to discover how engineers created various objects in the film, from the shoes the girls wear to the bottled water they drink. It draws attention to how engineering applies to everyday life – beyond just roads and buildings – in a bid to attract more diverse students to the discipline.

Chloe Saintilan, writer at Whybin\TBWA Sydney, said she hopes young girls are inspired by the music video.

“By reaching out to young women through something they already love – music – we’re hoping to surprise them by showing how engineering is truly everywhere,” she said.

Having studied sound engineering, Miriam and Olivia NERVO said the idea of the project immediately resonated with them.

NERVO said, “When we did engineering, we were the only girls in the class. So when we were approached to get behind this project it just made sense. We loved the chance to show the world that there is engineering in every aspect of our lives.”

Dr Alex Bannigan, Made By Me spokesperson and Women in Engineering manager, UNSW Engineering, added, “The project highlights the far-reaching career prospects of engineering in response to a real need for more women to participate in the field”.

Wesley Hawes, joint-executive creative director of TBWA\Sydney, said, “This is another fantastic example of the agency producing work that breaks into culture.

“It’s a tough audience to engage, but by creating a music video and using Nervo’s influence we’re not only breaking through the clutter, we’re repositioned engineering as a career with endless possibilities.”

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