Val Morgan Shares A Glimpse Of This Year’s Movie Season

Val Morgan Shares A Glimpse Of This Year’s Movie Season

Cinema Advertising Group Val Morgan promises a year full of thrills at the theatres, with major blockbusters such as Top Gun Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion and even the sequel to Avatar coming to the big screen within the next twelve months.

Despite the many great movies that we’ve already seen since coming back from the pandemic, such as Dune, Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home or DC’s The Batman, it seems we’re only just getting started.

Val Morgan, the company that helps advertise big Hollywood films in Australia and New Zealand, held a presentation on Thursday giving media representatives a small idea of what the future looks like for the movie industry.

And with great films like Downton Abbey: A New Era, Elvis or Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s hard not to be excited!

During the presentation, the film categories were split into four different groups: youth, family, AB’s and blockbusters. Speaking about youth audiences alone, Val Morgan senior account manager Georgia Cerutti gave some impressive numbers:

“Youth are our most important audience, returning to cinema in droves for content such as Spider-Man: No Way Home, Uncharted, Jackass Forever, and recently The Batman. This has resulted in 7.8 million admissions just this year. If we were to look at The Batman alone, 73 per cent of this audience fell within this demographic, which is pretty bloody impressive considering it’s one of the hottest reach demos on any given media plan. We’re expecting this trend to continue into this year with 33 million forecast admins for people 14 to 39,” said Mrs. Cerutti.

In regards to the blockbuster category, which could be considered the spearhead of their marketing strategy, VM’s group sales manager Elizabeth Tsavaris stated that the next months will have 90 percent more content due for release, while making special mention of the upcoming sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar franchise:

“The breadth of blockbuster content means there truly something for everyone. For the next installment in the juggernaut that is MCU, from Maverick returning to the big screen out of daily for years, we have the culmination of the monster Jurassic franchise and the musical extravaganza centered around the king of rock’n’roll. Personally, I cannot wait to see as we bring the legendary Elvis to life. I also can’t go past Thor: Love and Thunder, who doesn’t want to say Chris Hemsworth is bulging biceps on the big screen.

“And this isn’t all the he is set to culminate in the biggest cultural event of the summer. At the time soon, this exciting. Indexing is introduced to the wonderful blue world of Pandora. And just like the original, we’re going to be treated to a revolutionary cinematic experience that must be seen right here on the big screen, this time without the excessive use of 3d glasses.”

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