Tinder Moves Away From Being A Dating App, Launches Group Social Feature

Tinder Moves Away From Being A Dating App, Launches Group Social Feature

Tinder has launched a new product in Australia which doesn’t include dating or hooking up with strangers, the app has created a new feature which matches small groups of friends with other groups of tinder users called ‘Tinder Social’.

In a blog post a Tinder representative said the inspiration for the feature: “What takes an average night out with your friends to the next level? Meeting great groups of new people, and turning a basic night out into a night you’ll never forget. But, these moments are rare. Too often, your nights with friends consist of not knowing what to do, and figuring out where other interesting people you want to meet are going. But what if you can see who’s going out and where they’re going, before you and your friends decide where to go? What if you could break the ice and get introduced to them before you arrive?”

To start a Tinder Social users have to create a group with the friends they are going out with, and then swipe and match with other groups also going out. You can then chat with your group matches or see their status to find out what they’re up to and where everyone’s headed.

According to Tinder, the aim of the feature is to encourage “people to get off your phone, meet more people and be more Social”. While using a product which is on your phone.  Tinder Social is launching in Australia first and will be launching globally soon.

This year there have been some big changes at Tinder. It recently launched the ability to share potential matches with friends; it revealed the most swiped jobs and allowed users to access more details about a prospective date with new profile features and new algorithms.

More and more agencies have started to incorporate Tinder into their campaigns. Examples include: Dentsu-owned mobile agency Fetch’s New York office took to Tinder to find its potential intern match, Hero Condoms’ marketing campaign created STI profiles to promote its products and a new website SwipeBusters claims to let users find out whether their partners are cheating on them using Tinder.

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