TheRight.Fit Launches Influencer Podcast

TheRight.Fit Launches Influencer Podcast

TheRight.Fit, a platform that directly connects agencies and brands with a wide variety of talent, has launched a podcast series that takes a deep dive into the influencer sphere in Australia.

The regular self-titled podcast will be hosted by media personality Maz Compton (pictured above, left) and TheRight.Fit founder and CEO Taryn Williams (pictured above, right), and will be available through a variety of channels including iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

TheRight.Fit Podcast will explore a range of topics around influencers, covering things such as working relationships, payments, best practice examples, and minefields.

Each episode, Compton and Williams will be joined by other leading industry experts, from senior agency figures to brand marketing executives, social media experts and influencers themselves as they tackle the biggest questions surrounding influencers.

Williams said the influencer space is one of the most dynamic in the media industry, but there is not enough constructive talk happening to develop it.

“Particularly after the AANA ruling on #ad, there were a lot of different opinions on its value and indeed the value of the influencer,” she said.

“We saw an opportunity to blow that discussion wide open and really get the industry involved in having constructive discussions around influencers which will hopefully answers some of the biggest questions currently being asked.

“TheRight.Fit isn’t just about influencers – it’s about actors, models, videographers, makeup artists and more, but their place in the industry is solid and their value is generally realised. With the influencer, who is also a large part of TheRight.Fit platform, their value and positioning is still very much a topic of debate with no fixed forum for discussion.”

Compton said:, “I adore Taryn for her innovation and for every rule she breaks. Getting around a microphone with people from different industries who are all somehow cosmically linked by influencer marketing is a great little side project.

“From high-profile executives to part-time Insta stars, this podcast will go down every rabbit hole in order to shed some light on why the spotlight on social media has changed the way the world does marketing. This is totally fascinating as a consumer and a host to try and figure out how influencers became so powerful.”

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