The Taboo Group Launches De-Stressing App With 1 Giant Mind

The Taboo Group Launches De-Stressing App With 1 Giant Mind

Let’s face it, working in the advertising industry we’re subject to a ‘fast-paced’, ‘need it yesterday’, ‘always on’ work environment with constant pressure that often leads to the dreaded whiplash of high stress.

In 2014, one in three Australians suffered from high levels of stress, one in four Australians had stress related mental disorder and one in five Australians were on stress-related medication.

To de-stress the industry (and the nation), 1 Giant Mind has worked with The Taboo Group to create an evidence based smartphone app that teachers you how to meditate, dissolve stress and awaken to the present moment.

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Established in June 2013, 1 Giant Mind is a non-profit dedicated to delivering Learn to Meditate programs to combat the negative impact of stress, and improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

Jonni Pollard, 1 Giant Mind founder and master meditation teacher takes you on journey to understand the nature of your mind and learn to meditate in 12 easy steps, and then take the 30-day challenge to make meditation a daily habit.

Reece Hobbins, creative director, said: “Taboo jumped (or in this case, quietly sat) at the opportunity to partner with 1 Giant Mind in overcoming the misconceptions about meditation; its image and who can benefit from using what we believe, is the best free meditation app in market”

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