Tech Innovator Lif3 Global Announces Ambassador Rebecca Gibney

Tech Innovator Lif3 Global Announces Ambassador Rebecca Gibney

Australia’s Lif3 Global has announced multi-award winning actress Rebecca Gibney as a brand ambassador.

A passionate advocate for wellness, Gibney encourages all Australians to join the Lif3 movement and safeguard themselves against mobile phone radiation in the brand’s TVC campaign.

The advanced Smartchip, invented and engineered in Australia, was developed as a safeguard to combat concerns around health risks that could be associated to mobile phone use, such as the reduction of male fertility.

The partnership and TVC marks a key milestone in Lif3 Global’s awareness campaign, which has already gained ambassador support from Ricky Ponting and martial arts fighter Soa Palelei.

Gibney said Lif3 is a product that provides peace of mind in a time where we are increasingly health conscious.

“As a working mum I’m constantly on my mobile, and I’m genuinely concerned with the impacts it could have on my health. We really won’t know the full effects until it’s too late. I know all mums would want to discover any way possible that they can safeguard their children against potential harm, which is why I’m so passionate about Lif3.

“I’m proud to be fronting the Lif3 campaign and hope that people join the Lif3 movement so that we can all enjoy peace of mind without compromising our connectivity in today’s mobile world,” Gibney said.

Lif3 Global CEO, Don Small, said the campaign encapsulates what Lif3 is about and how a small chip can make the world of difference.

“Our partnership and TVC with Rebecca makes a clear statement to Australia that more people should be embracing the cutting-edge technology within our Lif3 Smartchips. It is the only scientifically tested product to reduce the radiation absorption rate emitted from mobile phones by up to 95 per cent.

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