Target Now In Strife For Featuring A Skinny Model

Target Now In Strife For Featuring A Skinny Model

Target Australia has been accused of promoting anorexia with its latest campaign for the Target x Dion Lee collaboration.

The fashion collection features 36 items of women’s clothing, both in-store and online last week. Dion Lee is known for high-fashion, sport luxe style. The collection is priced between $25-$116, in size 6 to size 16.

Here are some photos from the campaign: 

shorts-copy1 Dion2-copy1 cap1

A petition calling Target to ‘stop using anorexic-looking models in advertising’ has more than 14,000 supporters.

Lori Ann Thompson, who created the petition, wrote: “Teenagers and women of all ages should not be hounded into life-threatening anorexia by irresponsible advertising. The advertising pictured was sent to me and thousands of others, as an email by Target.

“The big chain stores must be aware of the many studies that have shown anorexia to actually be deadly to women. People have died already and will die, thanks to this kind of sexist, objectifying advertising. I would like everyone to show they definitely don’t want this kind of advertising any more.”

Facebook users have also complained on Target’s Facebook page:

“Clothes are not bad but I think if you want to appeal to the public maybe a healthier looking model with a smile on her face may be more appealing .. It’s like target has forgotten it is supposed to be for miss average.”

Target has responded: “We embrace all body shapes and sizes at Target, our advertising is simply a demonstration of the look on a single figure, we know that women can be healthy in many different sizes and think this model is beautiful. We recognise that not all women smile all day every day so the lack of a smile (commonplace in high fashion photo shoots like this) is another way to showcase the beauty in diversity. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.”

Another Facebook user posted: “I just want to say she is super thin not a average size australian who is she trying to appeal to because it certainly ain’t the average woman i’m quite shocked i hope my children don’t grow up to be this unachievable thin.”

Target Australia: “Thank you for your feedback. We think all children have the right to grow up and feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their size. We have a wide range of women’s clothing from our petite range for our smaller framed friends and a larger range for our curvy ladies.”

It’s impressive that Target is responding to every comment on Facebook. The photos are still present on the Target website.

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