Digital Marketing Agency, Octos, Helping Australian NFPs At Zero Cost

Digital Marketing Agency, Octos, Helping Australian NFPs At Zero Cost

Sydney based digital marketing agency Octos which provide SEO, SEM and Analytics services has come up with an initiative which helps Not-For-Profit sector (NFPs) to raise their online presence on Google at zero cost.

Octos appreciate the hard work done by NFP organisations and they even realises how they manage to complete all crucial tasks for people’s betterment with limited resources.

It all begins with an exclusive grant program from Google for NFPs, called Google Ad Grants. It’s a generous initiative whereby approved NFPs receive up to $10,000 per month via in-kind AdWords advertising. Very few NFPs would normally have budget for this kind of expenditure.

As a grant recipient, this funding empowers NFP in three ways:

  • Promote organisation on Google.
  • Track digital engagement.
  • Raise community awareness with targeted online advertising.

Until now, there was a loophole with the program: Google provides no management support for online ad campaigns of the NFP organisations. For those NFPs with limited digital know-how, a poorly managed campaign is a huge opportunity wasted.

This is where OCTOS comes in. Under the #GivingBackToCommunity initiative, Octos donate its digital expertise to help NFPs so they get more bang of their buck from the Google Ad Grant.

Octos believe that it’s important to use their skills for more than just commercial gain. So now, with the help of Google, they’ve found a unique way to donate their search marketing expertise to NFP organisations to those who need it, and give back to society.

After putting the initiative in action in January 2016 they got six big NFPs as beneficiaries, achieving their goals, volunteers, raising funds and having a digital presence on Google.

It is a great opportunity for NFPs to let Octos manage ad campaigns, at zero cost, and deliver optimum reach and engagement for them. Octos considers this a way of giving back to the communities.

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