Sunshine Coast Company Claims Responsibility For Viral “Pregnant” Tourist Stunt

Sunshine Coast Company Claims Responsibility For Viral “Pregnant” Tourist Stunt

The YouTube clip of a French tourist on the hunt for the Aussie dude who knocked her up has been revealed as a marketing stunt.

The woman, known as Natalie Amyot, posted a video of her searching for the bloke she fell in love with in Sunshine Coast town Mooloolaba. The video has been viewed more than two million times since publishing this story.

However, yesterday a social media marketer Andy Seller claimed responsibility for the video, saying it was a marketing stunt to try and put the small town on the map.

The video revealing the hoax has had mixed reactions from viewers, with some completely slamming the company for doing something like this, and others sitting back and having a good ol’ laugh.

Seller and the actress behind the campaign, appeared on morning show Sunrise this morning, in a rather awkward interview. Video from Sunrise site.

A Facebook page for Amyot had been set up, with a number of posts from the Amyot detailing her distress and how upset she is about the ordeal and being in the media spotlight.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports one of the posts said the woman was suicidal, however we’ve not be able to clarify this.

Seller admitted to being behind the posts, and doesn’t have any regrets about pretending a woman was suicidal to get publicity.

“The positive publicity from this morning is that the word Mooloolaba is in the top five trending words on the internet,” he reportedly said.

“The fake profile was obviously necessary to carry on the marketing but the good from it is now the entire world knows where Mooloolaba is.”

He said he’d been congratulated from locals in the area for putting the small town on the map.

The Facebook page has a link to a website, however when clicking it a big sign comes up saying it’s fake.

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