Spinach Adopts Tealium’s Universal Data Hub

Spinach Adopts Tealium’s Universal Data Hub

Boutique full-service agency Spinach has partnered with martech platform Tealium to manage the data needs of its clients and improve campaign metrics.

The partnership sees Spinach utilising Tealium’s Universal Data Hub (UDH) to better access and control online and offline client data.

The UDH incorporates a tag management system and data action engine to enable the agency to match data from a wide range of sources, including email, search engine marketing, advertising, and website visitors.

The data is collected at every touch point to build a comprehensive universal customer profile that can be shared across channels and marketing technologies.

Following a rigorous audit and selection process, Spinach  general manager and media director Ben Willee said the agency opted to work with Tealium based on the platform’s ability to manage large quantities of data and create a single customer view across device and channel.

“We’ve done enough econometric modelling to know that optimising a campaign with in-depth data can lead to improvements between 15 to 20 per cent, but add better quality creative and we’ve seen numbers that triple that,” he said.

“Tealium UDH enables us to deliver efficiencies by better understanding cross-channel behaviour, as well as delivering highly personalised campaigns to specific audiences and automating campaigns based on specific rules.”

Eyal Mekler, managing director for Australia and New Zealand at Tealium, said: “Creative, media and data insight is a powerful combination of skills. We’re looking forward to working with Spinach to see how real-time personalised data can boost the agency’s in-house capabilities.”

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