Skin Flicks Dabble In Virtual Reality

Skin Flicks Dabble In Virtual Reality

Move over real estate market, risqué videos appear to be where the next wave of virtual reality is heading.

US porn company Naughty America has released a number of virtual reality pornos. We did Google it, but the images that came up were definitely not safe for work.

Anyway, Mashable writer Raymond Wong tested out Naughty America’s VR Porn at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, and while he didn’t know what to expect – because who would? – he found himself thinking the two girls in the film were real in some capacity.

“Things got really weird, that’s all I’m going to say,” he wrote.

However, he did have a chat with a VR Porn spokesperson who said the experiences are 180 degrees, rather than 360.

“Because why would you want to look in any direction but in front of you when you’re having VR sex? Good point.”

Read his full experience here.

Youth media brand VICE also took it once step further and went behind-the-scenes of the making of a VR Porn clip for company Holodexxx, detailing how adult star Tori Blacks went about making an avatar of herself for use in the spots.

Porn seems to be the latest industry testing the waters of virtual reality, following a number of brands who have experimented with the technology.

The real estate market saw the potential last year for the devices to showcase new places to buyers, fashion brands are jumping on the bandwagon, and Queensland uni QUT has also used VR headset Google Cardboard for its Open Day last year. Similarly, the release of the seventh Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, saw several splashes in virtual reality.

Consumers can also just buy VR headsets now, which is lucky if you want to try out VR Porn, as using someone’s in the middle of a exhibit or show is probably not ideal.

Just last week Facebook revealed the price of its Oculus Rift headset, along with how consumers can pre-order the device.

According to Naughty America’s website (because we found one that was relatively safe for work), the VR Porn is compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. The scenes are being released on a regular basis, and are available to subscribers.

And while many brands are having a go at virtual reality, some say the experience can’t replace actual reality. Only time will tell whether that will be the case with VR Porn.


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