Shaggy Solves ISIS Problems With Weed And Bob Marley

Shaggy Solves ISIS Problems With Weed And Bob Marley

It’s one of the strangest interviews B&T has ever read, Miami News Time’s interview with Mr Boombastic aka Shaggy has shared his strategy for defeating ISIS.

The answer is apparently weed and Bob Marley music, so ISIS is a fifteen year old boy discovering reggae for the first time. Here’s an excerpt from the amazing interview:

One of your most recent singles is subtly named “Go Fuck Yourself.” Is there anyone you want to tell to go fuck themselves?

Shaggy: ISIS can go fuck themselves. That’s some crazy shit what they’re doing. It’s horrible, man. I can’t see… I don’t get that much hate. I just don’t get that level of evil. I can’t understand it.

You might need one after these ISIS comments.

Yeah, man, but listen. I get someone having a cause. I get somebody fighting for their cause. And I get that people struggle; I get that they suffer. But how does that justify killing your brother? Taking their heads off and filming it… That’s a different level of evil right there.

Extreme Islam discourages and even bans music. Since music alters moods, maybe the lack of music affects ISIS militants?

If you’re able to cut a man’s head off, you’re sick. But right, music evokes emotion. So if they’re listening to Shaggy music or reggae music, they’re not going to want to cut somebody’s head off.

There’re two thing you want to do when you listen to reggae: You get somebody pregnant, or you’re fucking high. High people don’t want to kill nothing; they want to love. They need to bag some Jamaican weed and distribute it amongst ISIS. I guarantee there won’t be any more wars out there.

A couple of kilos is all they need then…
Man, it’ll put them in a vibe. And throw some Bob Marley up in there and there’ll be peace.

Some of these world leaders need to be stoners though, really.

There you go world leaders. Problem solved. Shaggy out.

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