People More Interested In Brexit Than Skin Flicks: Google Searches

People More Interested In Brexit Than Skin Flicks: Google Searches

For the first time ever, we assume, post-Brexit British politics is more interesting to people than pornography.

In the wake of the British decision to leave the EU, searches for “Brexit” were by far larger than every other topic- including Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, porn and EU referendum. Google searches show that on the Friday after the vote, June 24th, searches for Brexit peaked at three times more than searches for porn.

These results weren’t limited to the UK, worldwide people were more confused with Brits decision than people bumping uglies.

Audience editor at the Guardian UK tweeted:

In the wake of the pro-Brexit vote, searches for phrases including “What happens if the UK leaves the EU?”, “Why did Britain leave the EU?”, “What is Brexit?” and “What is the EU?” surged.

Brexit even beat out the search for Kim Kardashian’s famous “break the internet” cover, which happened in the November 2014. Kim K has appeared naked in several covers since, including a recent GQ magazine cover. The graph below shows Kim Kardashian in blue, and Brexit in red. The highest and most recent blue peak marks Kardashian’s naked magazine cover.


The UK held a referendum on June 23, voting whether to leave or remain in the European Union. Leave won the referendum, making the UK the first country to leave the European bloc. For more B&T Brexit news, WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell has said the UK’s decision to exit the EU has left him “very disappointed”. Mat Baxter, global chief strategy and creative officer at IPG Mediabrands, warns ad budgets are certain to be another casualty of the Brexit.

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