July Revenue Proves Triumphant For Out-Of-Home

July Revenue Proves Triumphant For Out-Of-Home

The Out-of-Home (OOH) industry today reported a net revenue of $57.2 million for the month of July, an increase of 14.1 per cent from the same month last year, which posted a net revenue of $50.1 million.*

Year-to-date revenue has increased by 18.0 per cent, tracking at $418.5 million, up from $354.7 million* for the same time last year. Digital Out-of-Home revenue makes up 37.8 per cent of total revenue year to date, up from 24.5 per cent for the same period last year. The OOH industry finished 2015 on a record high of $677.8 million, up from $579.3 million in 2014.

Category figures July 2016:

· Roadside Billboards (over and under 25 square metres) $21.8 million
· Roadside Other (street furniture, taxis, bus/tram externals, small format) $17.1 million


· Transport (including airports) $9.5 million
· Retail, Lifestyle and Other^ $8.8 million

*Previous years figures have been adjusted to reflect changes in OMA membership to allow for direct comparisons in revenue year-on-year.

^Reported in this category are: shopping centre panels, as well as all place-based digital signs including office media – covering signs in lifts and office buildings, cafe panels, and digital screens in doctors surgeries and medical centres.

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