Oops, SMH Poor Ad Placement During Sydney’s Biggest Chunder Storm

Oops, SMH Poor Ad Placement During Sydney’s Biggest Chunder Storm

The last thing the 4,000 sea sick people onboard the Carnival Spirit cruise ship would want to do is book another memorable trip! But that’s what was advertised on sydney morning herald this morning.

The article titled “Carnival Spirit Voyage ‘Is Very Scary’ But The Crew Are Keeping Passengers Calm” was accompanied by an advertisement for the “ready steady fun sale” with Carnival Spirit cruises.


Seems a little bit inappropriate, when 4,000 people onboard the Carnival Spirit were forced to stay outside of Sydney Heads overnight- with waves reaching 15 metres at the peak of the storm, and no doubt passengers vomiting like the kid out of The Exorcist. Not really a “ready steady fun” time, more a “ready steady bucket”.

The SMH homepage also featured ads about how beautiful Sydney is during the winter. The irony is that SMH’s content featured headlines like: “Sydney weather: rain, damaging winds to batter NSW for second day”, “Vomiting For Two Days: Carnival Spirit docks at Circular Quay” and “Sydney’s new ‘danger period’. Hardly the most beautiful place to be right now.

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These ads were pulled as of 9:30 this morning. The Carnival Spirit finally docked at Circular Quay at 10 am.


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