New York Magazine’s Website Crashes After Posting Cosby’s ‘Unwelcome Sisterhood’ Article

New York Magazine’s Website Crashes After Posting Cosby’s ‘Unwelcome Sisterhood’ Article

the latest New York magazine features an extended interview with the 35 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, unfortunately within hours of the article being posted the site crashed.

There are conflicting reports as to why the magazine’s website crashed. Some reports point to an overwhelming amount of traffic overrun the computer’s servers causing it to crash.

Others blamed hackers using denial-of-service (DDoS) tactics, DDoS are unsophisticated flooding of traffic that blocks users from accessing a specific address without compromising the site itself.

The hacker Vikingdom2016 who claimed he was responsible for the crash has been suspended from twitter. The New York magazine hasn’t confirmed if it was a hacker or overwhelming traffic that crashed the site.

NY Mag tweeted once the article was released that the site was having technical difficulties. 

After six hours of an offline site, The New York tweeted again:

Almost 12 hours after the hack/crash, the website was back online:

Despite the website crashing, the story continued to proliferate through other social media channels. The New York’s Instagram account published four pictures and quotes, the full text of the feature was available on its Tumblr account, and a cached version of the story was also available through


New York Magazine Cover “Cosby: The Women An Unwelcome Sisterhood”

The project began about six months ago, Jody Quon the magazine’s photography director told The New York Times: “What I saw was this community of women who really had nothing in common with each other other than this one thing.

“At the beginning of the project, we couldn’t know how much these women were going to really embrace this and how much they were really going to talk,” she said.

Despite all of these women coming forward and speaking out, Cosby has still not been charged and has repeatedly denied these allegations.

Read the New York magazine article here.

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