How PR Secrets Can Make You An Expert

How PR Secrets Can Make You An Expert

Have you ever wondered how people like Matt Barrie, Janine Allis or Carolyn Cresswell became well known?

They all used public relations tactics to raise their profile from unknown to renowned.  A new book reveals the secrets to how everyday people can transform into well recognised experts and thought leaders.

From Unknown To Expert delivers a comprehensive, step-by-step framework designed to skyrocket almost anybody into the spotlight using the ‘Unknown to Expert 5 Star System’.

Author of From Unknown To Expert, Catriona Pollard, is an expert, international speaker and media commentator in PR and social media. As the CEO of leading PR and social media agency, CP Communications, she has helped thousands of people become recognised leaders.

Catriona Pollard with her new book

Catriona Pollard with her new book

In her book, Ms Pollard shares her story about how she moved from being relatively unknown to a recognised expert. She also shares trade secrets and techniques that can help to build reputation, increase sales and enable new career opportunities.

“When you have to turn the spotlight on yourself, you actually have to go through a whole lot of self-development and questioning around why you want to do it and how to do it. The collection of all of that is in my book.”

“In the competitive business environment every day we have to deal with the fact that it’s no longer enough to simply be great at what you do. You now need to be great at telling people what you do!”

Ms Pollard believes that when people start telling their stories and sharing their expertise it is helping the people who are listening or reading it.

“The world will be a better place with more people sharing their ideas, opinions and expertise. You will be amazed with the emotional connection that you start building with people and the relationships you start developing – because you’re positively impacting their lives.”

“Through my book, I want to encourage people to take action and have the confidence and skills to step forward into the spotlight. I truly wish for the reader to achieve that moment where they realise they are recognised expert.”

From Unknown To Expert is perfect for anyone wanting to move from unknown to expert including: entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, CEOs, topic experts, coaches, consultants and anyone wanting to achieve the role of a recognised expert and thought leader in their field.

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