Netflix Revamps Its Logo To Mixed Reviews

Netflix Revamps Its Logo To Mixed Reviews

Streaming service Netflix has rolled a new black-and-red “N” logo for its mobile apps and social media accounts, much to the surprise of its users.

The company says it’s not replacing the familiar red-on-white banner logo it introduced in 2014, that logo will still remain on advertisements and show bumpers. However the new icon will be used on “product integrations in the near future”, as well as the mobile apps and company social media profiles.

Netflix has clarified some of the confusion around the icon change, a representative told The Next Web: “We are introducing a new element into our branding with an N icon. The current Netflix logo will still remain, and the icon will start to be incorporated into our mobile apps along with other product integrations in the near future. ”

This isn’t the first time this year a company has changed up its logo: In February, ride sharing app Uber refreshed its universal black and white U for a ‘bits’ and ‘atoms’ look; In May, Instagram changed its vintage camera logo for a new, minimalist yet ultra-colourful look; Last year, Google gave itself a makeover which included a YouTube video tracking the progression of its logo.

The Netflix US account has also responded to some Tweets:

Some people have an intense attachment to the old logo:

Some Netflix users were excited by the change:

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