Netflix Hopes To Nab One Million Subscribers

Netflix Hopes To Nab One Million Subscribers

In the continuous waging war among the numerous streaming video on demand services (SVOD) in Australia, streaming giant Netflix is reportedly expecting to sign up more than one million subscribers.

Per reports in News Corp publications, if Netflix were to find itself with that number of subscribers it would give the streaming service more than half the percentage of SVOD audiences in the local market.

Netflix only launched in Australia in March this year, and yet it has already surpassed the subscriber numbers of three other SVOD players in the streaming arena, Quickflix, Foxtels’ Presto and Nine and Fairfax’s joint venture Stan.

The expectations come from British research firm Futuresource Consulting, with The Australian reporting Stan is coming in second with 200,000 subscribers, Presto third and Quickflix fourth.

It didn’t take long for Netflix to take the lead since launching, with figures from research company Experian Hitwise leaked early May suggesting Netflix received more than 800,000 unique visitors a day, whereas the other two both averaged around 50,000 visitors a day.

Only time will tell how many subscribers and percentage of the market Netflix will take, however in April this year Authentic Entertainment suggested one in five Aussies are intending to sign up to Netflix.

In the battle for audiences, each SVOD service has teamed up with a number of other brands, many telco giants, to offer free trials.

And in an interesting move, Presto and Quickflix recently teamed up, with Quickflix becoming a reseller of Presto content.

The move means Quickflix will provide Presto movies and shows to its subscriber base, with Presto able to now utilise the platforms Quickflix supports such as Xbox One, Playstation 4 and a number of smart TVs.


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