More Than 50% Of Digital Ads Are Unseen: Integral Ad Science Report

More Than 50% Of Digital Ads Are Unseen: Integral Ad Science Report

Data and technology company Integral Ad Science (IAS) announced today that more than half of all digital advertising in Australia remains un-viewed.

The report shows that in Australia just 49.3 per cent of display ads are viewable, according to the viewability definition established by the US Media Ratings Council (MRC). Their display standard, which has also been adopted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in Australia, counts an ad as viewable if 50 per cent of pixels are visible for one continuous second or more.

Although the report data for H1 2016 shows an improvement on previous years, the viewability level in Australia remains markedly below other markets, including the US (53.6 per cent), UK (57.4 per cent), Germany (61.1 per cent) and France (61.6 per cent).

James Diamond, IAS’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, said the report isn’t all bad news: “Whilst there’s still some way to go, we are seeing an improvement in viewability across the board”.

“For many brands, results can be considerably more effective if ads appear for longer durations and our data shows the extent to which viewability declines as you look further into time exposure – whilst 49.3 per cent of ads are viewable for one second, it falls to 34.7 seconds for five seconds and 22.1 per cent for 15 seconds,” said Diamond.

Although there is some work to do in Australia to address viewability, globally video viewability needs to be looked at. The H1 2016 report shows that video viewability globally is struggling, with six out of 10 video ads found to be out of view.

The report, based on billions of display and video impressions, goes further into viewability highlighting the viewability rate by ad format size to help the industry better understand the effectiveness of certain formats. The report additionally provides key data insights into brand safety risk, ad fraud levels and a range of other measures that impact advertising effectiveness.

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